Action Plan To Bed Bug Proof Your Apartment

moving-company-and-bed-bugsBed bugs are nocturnal blood suckers that sneak up in the dark and feed on people when they are sleeping or sitting quietly. The infestation spreads rather quickly is quite a task to get rid of. So, how to bed bug proof your apartment? The action plan consists of tips to eliminate the bugs as well as prevention guidelines to avoid a future infestation.



Bed bugs are a public nuisance so according to the bed bug advisory report, the landlord must eradicate the infestation in the building. Land owners have the same responsibility of stopping the spread to other apartments, the negligence of which could result into a legal tangle. So, if there is an infestation, the property manager should be made aware of the impeding problem.


Bed bugs are known to hide in cracks, voids and crevices, this being the reason why they are hard to find and kill. The best way to eliminate them is by working as a team with the professional pest management because ordinary insecticides do not work on these bugs and a professional license is required to buy the effective pesticides. Secondly, the specialized equipment such as heating units is not available to home owners. The professional pest management staffs are apt in finding the infested areas and eliminating the annoying creatures with a combination of control methods learn more about different home inspection techniques by visiting The DIY methods are less effective and short lived.


The DIY method of securing your home from bed bugs is by thoroughly cleaning the infested rooms by picking up the clutter and scrubbing the floor with a brush. Turn furniture over, dismantle bed frame and remove drawers from dressers and desks to expose hiding spots.


Vacuuming cracks, voids and crevices helps narrow down the number of bugs. Mattress should be vacuumed, bedding be dry cleaned or washed in hot water and dried at high heat. Carpets should also be vacuumed. Lastly, seal the vacuum bag, freeze it and dispose off properly.


Linens, clothes and carpets should be washed in hot water and dried at highest heat setting. Dry cleaning is also very efficient. The stuff that cannot be washed such as shoes, stuffed toys, pillows and blankets should be dried in a dryer on high heat setting for 30 minutes.


Spraying insecticides and dusting the crevices and cracks with semiautomatics earth dust is usually useful in taking care of the eggs and also in creating a barrier for stopping bugs from neighboring areas to cross into your apartment.


All the voids and cracks should be sealed properly using sealant caulk or sticky tape. After the elimination, one needs a follow up action plan to avoid a future infestation. So, how to bed bug proof your apartment? Some constant cleaning measures along with periodic checks should be in place for preventing a bed bug menace.


Purchasing a quality bed mattress encasement for the mattress and box springs is advisable. These are rip-resistant and bug proof.


Pulling away the bed from walls and other furniture, checking the blankets from touching the floor.


Installing climb up interceptors, dusted with talc under the furniture legs makes them too slippery to crawl Bed bug barriers and monitors are aesthetically and functionally useful.


When travelling, it is advisable to ask about the hotel‘s bed bug inspection policy and inspecting the sheets and mattress edges After the trip, the clothing should be washed, and shoes and luggage should be vacuumed or heat treated thoroughly. Avoid socialising if one is aware of the infestation in the neighbourhood as bed bugs can well travel in purses and backpacks.


Avoid flea markets or garage sales as second hand stuff can be infested with bed bugs.

So, with these tips under the belt, it would be easier to control the bed bug menace. The infestation grows rapidly, so the earlier one logs on eradication, the better the results would be!